To better fit the skin of the parachute cover, ribs 3 and 2 need to have a bunch of holes dimpled. For dimpling we use the DRDT-2 from ExperimentalAero. We dimpled the parts prior to cleaning and priming to have a better fitting of the primer.

DRDT-2 dimple machine

After some more cleaning and priming, the parts came together quite nicley.

Rib 3

We did not have any issues with rib 3 but with rib 2 as the construction manual shows 4x 3.2x8mm rivets for the connection of the top two parts. In our case we had to use 2x 3.2x8mm and 2x 4.0x10mm rivets due to the sizes of the holes.

Rib 2

As we’re still missing nearly all longerons, we will continue with the assembly of the rear spar, next. Stay tuned!