During the last days, we took quite some time to prepare, prime and rivet the next bunch of ribs. Starting with rib 6 which includes some parts sliding through a slot of other parts. Besides the construction manual only showing 7 rivets to connect the parts 1 and 4 after sliding the parts together, we shot rivets in all 9 holes.

Rib 6

The next step would be to combine the first set of ribs together. As we are missing some parts of rib 9, we need to postpone that task. Ribs 5 and 4 could be assembled without any big issues.

Rib 5

During the installation of the elevator pushrod guide, we used a clamp align the holes of the two plates as there was quite some tension due to the fit of the guide.

Rib 4

The next step is be to prepare the ribs 3 and 2 which involves dimpling some of the holes for a better fit of the parachute skin.