Today, I took the time to clean, prime and cleco the first two ribs together. As the parts for rib 9 are still on backorder, I started with ribs 8 and 7.

I use 3M Scotch-Brite Pads (red) to prepare the surface for priming. Once the surface is a brushed, I use Aceton to clean of any grease traces. As soon as the parts are dry and the Aceton is vaporized, I apply FINIXA Etch Primer to the parts. I cover smaller parts completely, with larger parts only the areas that touch each other.

Rib 8, First Rivet! Rib 7, Rivets and Clecos!

As soon as the pieces are dry, I assemble them with clecos and insert the rivets. As this is my first time working with spray cans, there are unfortunately still some traces on the parts. I am sure this will get better over time!