I’ve completed the first order of parts from Aircraft Builders Europe, the European distributor for Sling.

I will start with the Fuselage Kit (STSI-003) which contains the complete forward, mid and rear fuselage. Including the assembled centre spar, the rear spar, the front and rear seats, all control mechanisms (throttle, stick, pedals etc), the firewall, the engine mount, steps and a copy of the construction manual.

Additionally, I ordered the Canopy, Dash, Final Assembly and Finishing Kit (STSI-005). In addition to the canopy frame, the windscreen and the doors it additionally includes parts like the air vents, the instrument panel, cowling and more of the GFK components.

The third kit I added to the initial order is the Mateco Dual Toe Brake Kit (STSI-018) as it has to be installed into the fuselage in a quite early stage.

The whole order is about 41k€ in total with a lead-time of roughy 5-6 month.