After a long time of thinking about building my own Sling TSI plane from scratch, I finally ordered the first part of the kit (will cover it in an additional post). Apart from the actual ordering of the kit, I was also thinking about the preparation of the workshop in order to be able to actually build the plane once the parts arrived. So I decied to built three EAA 1000 Worktables over the next few days.

I used the Shapr3D software to sketch the workbench based on materials available from our local hardware store and made a shopping list out of it.

Shapr3D 3D of the Workbench

In total, i bought the following pieces of wood and screwed them together using the screws mentioned below.

  • 4x 6x4x300cm wooden slats
  • 2x 120x60x1cm chipboard
  • 4x 80mm wheels
  • 32x 6x8cm wood screws

The hardware store was kind enough to already cut the slats to the following lenghts in advance. This saved me having to cut all the pieces to the right length at home.

  • 6x 6x4x52cm
  • 6x 6x4x60cm
  • 2x 6x4x112cm
  • 2x 6x4x108cm
  • 4x 6x4x4cm

After about 3 hours of work on the first table and another 4 hours on the second and third, I am done for the week.

Photo of the Workbench before adding the tabletops Photo of the final version of the Workbench

Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong wheels as they were lacking the breaks…